If I Be lifted Up is an international ministry with a strong emphasis on prayer. Over the years, the ministry has established a number of prayer houses with the Golden Breath House of prayer open in 2006 in Denver Colorado, and the Emmanuel Awakening House of prayer in 2011 in Idaho. In 2017, the founders were led plant another house of prayer in Washington DC under the name, “Christ Glory House of Prayer

Christ Glory House of Prayer is a 24 hours 7 days a week house of prayer and continuous worship. It provides facilities for fervent prayer for Government, the United States of America and other nations of the world.The house of prayer is manned 24/7 by prayer warriors and volunteers who are committed to the cause of praying for revival in the United States of America

You may not be able to come to the prayer house or participate in prayer at the prayer house but you can participate by contributing towards the running of the Christ Glory House of Prayer .


Our Staff Members

Christopher Romine

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Apostle Dr. David Moses Mulilo Musonda

Born in Zambia, Apostle David Moses Mulilo Musonda responded to the Lords call to ministry in 1982 and he enrolled to Kitwe Bible College for theological and pastoral training. On...